Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Reception

Kelly's Korner

We left straight out of the church and headed to the reception across down. We did this so that we could walk through the reception area before everyone else got there. I highly recommend doing this if you haven't got married yet!

Mrs. Brenda drove us from the church to the reception. She also help to take out my veil once we got to the reception.

I was so excited to be with the one I loved and all our friends and family.We had this room before we all went into the reception for the wedding party to come and eat as well as Ryan and I so that we didn't have to wait in the line. Great Idea!

Tanarah also did our reception flowers which were beautiful! It was everything I ever imagined.

Many people don't know this but my cake was fake. The only part that was real was the top which we kept for our 1st anniversary. We just had sheet cake in the back that the waiters brought out and sat on the table after we cut the cake. (And it was cheaper that way)
The buffet table. The piano was played for about 30 minutes while guest arrived and before the band started! We had to beg the club to allow us to put anything on the piano, I am glad they let us because it was beautiful!

All the tables had different arrangements of flowers on them!
Our first dance.
Our friend Brandon Sutton sang at the wedding and our first dance. We dance to Michael Buble's Everything. It was perfect! In about the middle of the song our wedding party joined us.

Mother-Son and Father-Daughter Dance
Cutting the cake and toasting.

I always said that I would practing doing this so I didn't look stupid! Guess I forgot. You can tell we don't know what we are doing.

Just a few picture of people at the reception.

My family watching the dance floor!

Tim, Ryan, Me, and Lauren

Some of our best friends the Simpson's
Throwing my flowers.
Tossing the garter.
Leaving the reception. We had a bubble machine, which was awesome!

As a wedding gift my mom had Issac Alexander come and paint the reception while it was going on. The picture is now above our fireplace. LOVE IT! GREAT PRESENT!


amyj said...

After everyone had gone from the reception and the scrubshopper team was partying it up at our private party, I went to take another look at the beautiful cake and saw that it hadn't been cut. What the heck? So Heather examined it and we saw that it was fake. Fantastic idea!! And because of that, the actual cake we ate at the reception was delicious, and not dried out wedding cake. Such a good idea!!

Sarah said...

What an awesome wedding present from your mom!!

Rona's Home Page said...

I heard about the fake cake for saving money. I had no idea that they could look so real. What a beautiful reminder your mother gave you.
My husband has been in my life for 20+ years and I still feel my heart skip a beat when he walks in the door.
I pray that all you ladies have that feel for years to come.
What a beautiful reception ~ the food, cakes, and decorations.
Your honeymoon looks like you had a fantastic time!
You both look so happy!