Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally an Update!

Well, most of you know it hailed SO hard here last week and cause me lots of problems!
List: 1. Missed my meeting where I could have made money!
2. Locked me out of my house!
3. Made me pay a locksmith to come unlock my house!

4. Knocked my internet and cable out!

And now to add to the list!

5. I have a leaking roof! BOOO! It has leaked through our ceiling and cause a bubble in our den!

Here is the hail in our front yard. If you want a real life version check my freezer. I saved some to show everyone.

This is what happened in my old neighborhood.
This was my sweet outfit that Leigh thought was so funny, she took a picture. I had on heels and white pants when it started and I went to Tim's to watch the fire below. My pants got wet so I put my skirt on. Tim's neighbor's house got on fire from the lightning strike. Sad times for them.

**Original post**

Well....ok so I feel really bad for always yelling at people because they don't update their blog. I was in a workshop all last week and have been back at school this week and well....I have no time or interest in updating. So, here is my apologize to you all for getting mad at you. I am so sorry!

Last week I spent all day at the Walton Art Center in the Arts with Education Institute. It was so awesome. I learned so many things that I can use in my classroom. The 3rd and 4th grade teams and one of the art teachers from The New School were all there with me.
This week I started work week. So far, so good. Everything is going well. I have met so many teachers that I can't remember everyone's name but, they are all so helpful. I got a new computer as well but it is an apple and I have no clue how to use it but I am trying.

Over the weekend we went to Carl and Anna George's wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun! Here are a few pictures.

Ryan and Blake wearing goofy glasses! Big hit at the wedding!
The beautiful cake. (That guy walked into my picture!)Ryan and I

My first grade teachers little boy! Well he isn't so little anymore! He had so much fun!Conner and Allyson went to the wedding with us! We will miss them. They moved to DC on Monday!

I do have some bad news. I left my camera outside and it rained on it so no longer works! I am really sad about it and if you know me....I cried!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...that's just too much bad stuff in one post. I heard that bad stuff happens in 3's so I think you are covered. I'll keep my fingers crossed.