Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

What a busy weekend Ryan and I had! We started by keeping the James kids on Friday night! I love to keep these kids! They are great and so much fun to hang out with and they cause no problems...ever! Ryan came over and we went swimming and then watched Disney channel and then Kate showed us what she learned at golf camp!
Saturday morning we got up at 7 and went to the Farmer's Market down of the Fayetteville Square. We had never done this but, we will be doing more often! We got some good veggies for the week. Then we went to my old house and sat on the porch since it was pouring rain and drank our Sonic drinks. Then off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to do a little shopping. We got pant hangers, new sheets for the guest bedroom, and steak knifes. Then over to Home Depot to buy a ladder and then Lowe's to order a new light fixture for the front porch. I was feeling very accomplished! Then we came home and cleaned out our office closet, then the attic, then the garage. We decided after all of that we will be having a garage sale asap! Then I went to keep some kids from Holcomb that live a few street up from us. They were all really good too!
Sunday morning we went to church and then came home for lunch. Ryan then headed to the golf course and I went Christmas shopping. I know, I know! Its weird that I shop this early but, I am close to being done. Then I came home and wrap my presents and cleaned out our hall closets! Just in time to start going to workshops tomorrow for school! Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well.

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