Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work Work Work!

Well Saturday I slept in until 11:00. I didn't realize how tired I was from the week! It felt great! I got up went to the bank, the cleaners, ran back by Wal-Mart to pick up some more pillows for my classroom. I got home and cleaned the whole house! Even the bathrooms! I was so proud of myself. Did the laundry and made pita chips! Then Ryan came home about 2 from the golf course and we went shopping.
Saturday night we went to Shogun's with Tim and Leigh. Then we went back to Tim's to hang out on the deck and have some wine and talk! It was so much fun just to relax and hang out!
Sunday we slept in again since Ryan had to be at the golf course again for the tourney. He left to go to the golf course and I headed to school. I spent from 11:45-4:45 working in my classroom! I got most of my lesson ready through September and some things all the way into October! You would think that working in my room the past two weeks I would have gotten most of those things done, but no. A teacher's work is never done I decided! Though I absolutely love it! Last night I actually found myself missing my kids already!
I feel like I have a very busy yet, accomplished weekend! Now I am waiting on Ryan to get home from the golf course and we are going to grill out some steaks! YUMMM!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


Gina said...

I remember those days well! The first year really is the hardest as far as preparation and room set up goes (providing you get to teach the same grade the next year). Enjoy!

darnold23 said...

So have you discovered by grandbabies yet? They are the two cutest ones at school, of course:) And the smartest...and the funniest...and the _____. Fill in the "best" adjective of your choosing:) Glad it is going so well. Remember Crock Pot Wednesday when you get the chance.