Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Week 2 and 3

Sunday: We worked in the nursery at church.

Monday: Payne got his first hair cut! We got the stomach virus from below!
Tuesday: Payne and I spent the day trying to recover from the stomach virus.
Wednesday: We packed up and head to Little Rock to spend a few days with my Mom, Gran, and aunts.
Thursday: Hung out with some friends from high school.
Friday: We headed down to the lake!

Saturday: Spent the day at the Maulden Family reunion!

Sunday: Had the big Maulden Family breakfast and went back through Little Rock to see Big R on Father's Day and back to Fayetteville. Where Payne still was having problems eating and keeping food down!
Monday: Took Payne to the doctor and found out he had a ear infection along with some drainage so the doctor put him on a bananas, applesauce, and no lactose diet.
Tuesday: Payne went to daycare and I had an all day professional development training in Springdale. 

Wednesday: Payne went to daycare and I had some more training and picked up before bible study. After bible study we went to Cherry Berry with some friends.
Thursday: Payne and I went shopping and ate lunch with Dalton, Ally, and Ryan. Then we came home and I worked a lot on Payne's birthday! 
Friday: Hung out around the house and Teme and Papa came up and Teme and I went to the pool with Payne.
Saturday: Teme took Rae-Marie and I to get pedicures while Papa kept Payne and Ryan played golf and worked in the yard. Then Saturday afternoon Ryan and I cleaned up around the house, mainly the garage and laundry room, then ran some errands. 
Sunday: We went to church and worked in the nursery.  While P was napping Ryan went to play some golf and came back home and we took Payne on his first picnic and park experience. Then to see baby Silas Parrott!

It has been a wild and crazy past two weeks. I am really glad to be able to have summers off and stay home with Payne. I feel like it is going by so fast and I am trying to take each day as it comes and savor each moment!

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