Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jury What!!???

Today, when I check the mail this is what I found. 
 I took a second look! And it was what I thought! Jury Duty!

Then I opened it and found out it was for 3 months!
I filled out the questionnaire and call the county's clerk office to let them know I had receive it.  When they answered told her that I was teacher with a small child and it would be very hard for me to work out jury duty with my already crazy life and I was hoping she felt sorry for me. She said the likelihood for me to get called was very slim. That Judge Taylor had only one case in the past three months. That made me feel better. We will see. July 1- September 30 I will be holding my breath!

Anyone ever been summoned or served on a jury? If so how was it???


Lauren McKnight said...

I got a summons once and had to go to court to talk to the judge. He left me off since I'm a therapist and deal with suicidal kids. Maybe you'll get as lucky! OR you could get a really cool murder case...not that murder is cool or anything. You know what I mean!

LittleGirlsX3 said...

Hi Sarah, I saw your title on the sidebar of another person's blog and just had to read it. I, too, was mortified to find the same packed in my mailbox a few months ago. I live here in Springdale I am just now completing my 3 month term of service for Judge Gunn...Circuit Court as well. I have been called once in my entire 3 months (April 1-June 30)and the case was settled before it went to trial. I, too, pleaded my case but it didn't help (stay at home mom with a preschooler). Here's a link to my post:

Hope this makes you feel a little better; hope I didn't just jinx you!