Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy Weekend

I love knowing that Monday morning will be here shortly and I won't have to get up and go to work, but I get to stay home with my little munchkin and play all day! 
We had a great weekend just relaxing. Friday night we sat outside and had dinner and let Payne play in his packnplay and Ryan played with Lucy. 
 We got Payne a life jacket for the lake. I laughed so hard when we put it on him.

Saturday morning Payne slept in until 8:15!! :) So did Ryan and I! Then Ryan's parents came up to spend the day with Payne. We all ran a few errands and took them to see the new office. That night they kept Payne while Ryan and I went on a quick date! Thanks D. and Big R!
Sunday we got up and headed to church and worked in the preschool area. Then headed home for lunch and a nap while Ryan went to play golf. Then we met him out at the pool and swam for a bit before heading home for dinner. 
Tonight we are grilling burgers and hanging out on the deck. I love summertime! We have a busy week coming up, but I have a feeling it will go by fast and be a lot of fun!! 

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