Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thoughts and Questions

I have some random thoughts and questions.
1. When did you start giving your baby cow's milk? The day he/she turned one? Before to introduce it slowly? Did you put it in the bottle? Please give me your thoughts on this.

2. Do you watch the Casey Anthony trial? I do and I am completely obsessed with it! I love to text my aunt and get her thoughts on it because she is an expert on it and I love it! ( Confession: I wanted to be a CSI growing up) Do you think she is guilty? If so what do you think her sentence will be? If you don't think she is guilty, who do you think did it? Just give me your thoughts! I would glad to talk to you about it!!

3. I have been working on Payne's birthday party. I think I have most things planned, but I am still up in the air about invitations.  Is there some place you suggest I use? What are some things you think I should include in his party? Things I should not worry about?

4. Remember when I told you I was given a noticed about jury duty from July- through September? Well, On Tuesday I was called and I have to report next Wednesday for a one day trial. I will not know until that morning if I got selected, but I still have to go down there. Regardless I will get paid $15 for showing up and if I am selected I will get paid $50 for being on the jury.

5. I have been running/jogging/walking everyday now! If you have been following my blog for a year or so you know that my family vacations are not lay around and eat and get fat! In fact, you probably will lose weight on my family vacations. I am not very good at sitting still  for very long in general so this is ok with me. Well, last year I was 34 weeks pregnant so I was unable to do much in Colorado, but this year is different! I am going to participate everyday! One of the things we will be doing is climbing a 14,000 ft. mountain! 

Let me give you some background on this climbing mountains business!  When I was a sophomore is high school I went with the church to climb Mount French in Colorado. We hiked and spend 5 days out on the  mountain. You can see below my huge pack that I hiked with! ( Don't be fooled. I might be really short, but that was a guide who was extremely tall) You have to take everything with you! Tents, food, sleeping bag, clothes, EVERYTHING!
 And as if that trip wasn't the hardest thing in my life I had ever done! I decided to do it again two years later after my senior year of high school! ( Might I add I told my Papa he had to go too :) ) I had done a lot more training this time around! Like running with weights in my backpack around my neighborhood or climbing Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock with a watermelon in my backpack! I could freaking run up this mountain with no problem the second time! The thing that made it harder was less than a year before that I had knee surgery! Therefore my knee was not able to hold me up a lot of times! I fell several times! Maybe I will show you that picture of that sometime!
Here is me the second time I climbed Mount Arkansas.

Therefore my Papa likes to continue to climb mountains still! This time we will only be making a one day trip up and down so we won't be packing all of this stuff in and out which will make it ten times easier! The view from the top is incredible and worth it every time! My favorite part is the way the clouds look up there! And since the first time I climb to the top and saw those clouds I think of it every time I see a cloud now!  ( I now also have a cloud obsession from teaching 3rd grade)

Ok there is all my random, random thought and things for this week! Sorry the pictures are so bad, I took pictures of pictures with  my phone. I thought you really needed a visual of my crazy things I did!


Jennifer said...

We started giving Brody cow's milk twice a day at 11 months. At that time he was still nursing 4 times a day so he nursed morning and night and took whole milk in a bottle twice a day. We dropped all bottles and nursing the day of his first birthday and he started taking milk in a sippy cup then.

Leslie does our birthday invites.

1st birthday...I had a picture mat that I had everyone sign. It was a fun way to remember who was there.

I died laughing at the last picture!!!

Anonymous said...

With my 1st, at 10 months we started putting formula in a sippy cup. 2 weeks later we switched it to all cow's milk. He was never bother by it at all. My 2nd was harder. He would only drink formula out of a bottle and he hated cows milk. So at 12 months we quit bottles and he drinks soy milk because he will not drink cows milk.

Gina said...

Tom just hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim and now wants to do Pike's Peak next year. My friend is doing it with her husband and daughter in August so I'm waiting to hear how her trip goes before I commit to doing it with Tom next year. I'm kinda a wimp-- you are awesome and inspiring!
Love seeing the pictures of Payne, hope to get to see him in real life this fall!