Friday, June 10, 2011

First Time In The Big Pool

 This morning after Payne woke up from his morning nap we headed down to the country club to go swimming. I was a little nervous since it was just me taking him, but everything was great!
 It took him a minute to warm up to the water.
 It was cloudy this  morning when we were there so I wasn't to worried that he would get to hot or burned. Though I coated him in SPF.
 You can see he still has a hold of that starfish.
 The country club as a walk in baby pool, so Payne was able to sit at the shallow end and crawl around.

 He liked watching the big girls in the other pool.
 I would throw his starfish and he would go get it.

 He loved kicking his feet and moving around in the pool.

 Look I did it!!!
We dried off and pick up lunch and went to eat with Ryan!
I think we might be going to the pool a lot this summer! 

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MLBarajas said...

My little boy, Lincoln, loves the pool and pretty much anything that has to do with water. Payne looks like he is having a blast!