Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday morning Ryan went back to the golf course to play golf while I had a lazy day around the house. While I was being lazy on the couch the yard people that are putting the grass in the three houses that were just built next to us came over and said they were here to seed our backyard. I wasn't going to argue but, Lucy was back there so I had to walk her over to Tim's to hang out for the next few days. Thanks Tim! Ryan finally got home about 4, so we decided to put our new grill together. Ryan is super excited because now we can have friends over to grill out with a real grill. Here is Ryan putting his grill together.

Our backyard that is now blue. But you can see it needs some help!

Already to grill!

Saturday night we picked up Tim and Leigh and headed over to Joshua's house (where Ryan used to live) to celebrate Adam and Eden getting married! It was a fun pool side party. It was a lot of fun getting to see all our friends that we don't always get to see.

Adam and Eden.The Groom and Bride! They are perfect for each other! They are so much fun!

Leigh and I hanging out by the fruit!Ryan, Tim, Ted, and Conner
All good friends from college

Allyson and I, sitting by the fruit
Benjammin and I! We used to hang out when we were freshman and I was still in the business school.
Ryan and I

Sunday morning Ryan and I headed to church. We sat with our friends Damon and Brooke and talked to them for a while after church! Then we did our food shopping for the next few weeks. Then we ate at Taco Bell....Not my favorite but I can do it about once every six months. Then we came home and cleaned house. For dinner we planned on eating our steaks and wedding cake that we bought a long time ago and never ate. . So we had our wedding cake/key lime pie that they gave us the night of our wedding 2 months later. But, I do love frozen cake and it was still really good!

Ryan had key lime pie and I had wedding cake! So good! I am glad we finally got to enjoy some of our wedding and I guess we will do it again in 10 months!

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Mom of 3! said...

Ok you are cracking me up eating your cake! Love it! That is so funny! Glad you had a good weekend! :)