Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Ryan woke up this morning to find that the mailbox out in the street. Someone had pulled out the mailbox concrete and all! The first thought was that the recycling people hit it but there are no marks like anyone hit it. Then Ryan noticed that the stop sign at the end of the road the street names were on the ground as well.
So me being me, you know what I did. I call the police at the non-emergency number and they came out to look. It is a federal offense to mess with other peoples mailboxes. Not to mention that we are going to have it reset in the ground! Stupid people!

** I paint shopped over the street name and our address**

On a lighter note!

Happy Birthday Allison! Your the best sister and sister-in-law ever!
We love you!


Mom of 3! said...

How awful! At least it was only the mailbox and not your house or anything in it.... yucko!


Lauren McKnight said...

Look at you getting all fancy with the paint shop. Very impressed! Hope they catch who did messed with the mailbox.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people.