Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rodeo and Fourth of July


Thursday night we went to the Rodeo of the Ozarks in Springdale. Tim, Leigh, Jamie, Munsey, Ryan and I got dressed up in our finest rodeo clothes and headed out. We had so much fun just watching the people and the cowboys. The best part was the monkeys that rode on dogs and herded rams and the little boy during the dance off. These two things received more applause from the audience than anything else.

Me, Leigh, and Tim
The girls
Ryan and I

The four of us Munsey kept talking about the rodeo queens so we took his picture with one.
Fourth of July Weekend

Friday morning Tim and Leigh came to pick Ryan and I up and we headed to Monett to Tim's parents house. We got there in time for lunch and just had some sandwiches and the boys headed to the golf course and the girls laid by the pool. It was great just being able to relax. That night several people came over and we had a pool volleyball tourney and then ate some awesome food. It was fun to hang out with some new people and just relax some more. Saturday we got up and it was raining so we ate breakfast and sat on the back porch and read. Then we decided to take a nap. During Leigh's and my nap we woke up to find that it had stop raining and the boys were back out on the golf course. We then head back out to the pool. When the boys finished we got cleaned up and headed over to the Monett park to see what it was all about. Not much but fun to see. Then it was back to the house to prepare dinner. It was so good! After dinner T, L, R and I went to Dairy Queen. Then we went to the golf course to watch the fireworks.
Thanks for such a fun weekend Carol and Steve!!!!
Carol loves her some Uncle Sam so we went out there to take a picture with him!The boys wanted to support the 4th of July on the golf course so here was their way of doing so.

At the temple. We will leave it at that......
Sitting out on the porch.

Leigh and I shucking corn for dinner.

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