Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Night Fun!

Friday afternoon I got to kept one of my favorite babies in the entire world! Sallie! We played for a while then she took a nap and then we played some more! I just love hanging out with her! She is such a happy baby! I can't believe that she will be turning ONE next month! It makes me so sad!!!
Look at that big smile! She loved my camera!
Nothing sweeter than a cute little baby sleeping!
She loves to chew on the remotes! I had to hide them all!
This sweet little thing hated her car seat for the first 6 months of her life, so I found it really funny she wanted to play in it! And she thought it was so funny!

Friday Night

This weekend is the big golf tournament at Fayetteville Country Club that Ryan always plays in. They have a big party on Friday night with great food and a band. We went and met the McDaniel's and the James'. We didn't stay to late since the boys were there so late the night before and they were playing golf early Saturday morning!

Me, Heather, and Amy


Gina said...

What memories! Ryan's uncle Tom and his friend Russ Kelley played that tournament a few times...back in the day. I'm sure Ryan & friends will place higher than his uncle Tom.
Love dropping in on your life through your blog!

Rich and Renee said...

Oh my....Sallie had so much fun with her Aunt Sarah! I knew she would but we certainly have pictures to prove it! You are the best!