Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whitney and Brent Got Hitched!

This weekend Ryan and I headed over to Mountain Home to be apart of Whitney and Brent's wedding weekend! We planned to leave about 1 on Friday afternoon and well this is what it looked like.
We decided to brave the weather and headed out. It rained the entire 2 and half hours over there. But there was a great highlight of the drive! In Harrison there is a TCBY! My favorite! So Ryan and I stopped and I got my favorite Strawberry Kiwi sorbet with sprinkles! Amazing!

We got to the hotel in time for me to take my afternoon nap and then get ready and head over to the awesome house where they were to be wed! Here is Ryan and I waiting to get our instructions.
After we practiced we got to have a tour of the house. It was a four story house, with an elevator which is what Whit is standing next too.
Here is the entire wedding party standing on the front porch of the house. This is also the spot where the got married.

The next day the girls went over to the house about 1 to start getting ready and eat lunch. It was fun to just hang out and talk for a while and then get ready.

Whitney gave all the girls jackets with our initials on it. Mine said SGM....a little different to see...but I liked it!!!
Whitney getting her dress on with the help of her sister Jennifer and her Mom.
Here is the bride all ready to go, get her last few touches on.
Brent and Whitney met out on the balcony before pictures to see each other.
Come down the beautiful stairs to take pictures with the wedding party.

Here is the wedding area looking out from the porch.
Whit and I waiting for 7 to come.
Cutting the cake. They were nice to each other, no cake mashed in the face. Boo!
Here is Ryan and I after we finish eating. It was hot out there!
Sarah, Jana, and I waiting for Whitney and Brent to leave.
Here are the four of us! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for you all! Have a blast in Jamaica. Love ya!

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fun fun! I love the dresses!