Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a week!

Well this past week has been so busy, yet so fun! Tuesday I got up and took little Miss A (one of the children I babysit) to pottery class. Then went to see Ryan at work and then came home and got ready to go to lunch with Ryan's mom who had come for a few days. Mrs. Debbie and I met Ryan and Ali at Penguin Ed's. I love some fried pickles so I was so happy to eat there! After lunch Mrs. Debbie and I headed to the pool. Later that night we hit another favorite restaurant of mine Mellow Mushroom. We enjoyed getting to see Mrs. Debbie and having some family time.

Wednesday was a normal day for Ryan, but I got to attend my first Professional Development as a real teacher and not an intern. It actually pretty fun. It was all about Earth Science and all hands on, which I am a big fan of! I learn lots of things to take back to the classroom. Wednesday night I went to Jose's to meet some friends that were interns with me at Holcomb. We had some good fellowship talking a little bit about everything! Ryan of course hit the golf course to practice for this tourney this weekend.

Thursday, well I got up and head over to Miss A's and Miss S's to babysit. Miss S head out with her dad and went to horseback riding camp and Miss A and I went to pottery class. I dropped her off and then came back home got ready and went back to pick her up. She chose to go to Wendy's for lunch. I love hanging out with her. I always laugh because she tells me the funniest things. Did I mention that she was in my first grade class when I was interning. This makes it so much better cause I know all her friends and she tells me what they all talked about all the time. I know who is boyfriend/girlfriend, who likes each other, and what kids think of each other! I love it! Then we went to tutoring and I got to see another first grader I had so we stayed and played with him for a while. After I dropped Miss A off, my sister came over and we watched one of out favorite shows, Gilmore Girls! This is when we found out that Michael Jackson had died. Then I went to dinner with Ali at Firehouse and we brainstormed wedding ideas. Ryan he played some more golf with T.J.

Friday, I head back to some more Professional Development. This time it was not so great but I managed to make it through it! Friday night we had plans to hang out with Tim and Leigh since we didn't get our weekly meal in with each other. We went to Noddle's and then over to the Wine Cellar. We saw lots of people we knew so I enjoyed seeing everyone! Here are a few pictures of the night!

Tim and Leigh

Ryan and I

Ryan, Tim, and Leigh all trying to figure out something on their phones.

Saturday the boys got up and went and played golf all freaking day! It might have been the longest golf tourney that Ryan has ever played in. I decided to go to the pool and lay out for a while. Finally about 4:30 Leigh and I decided we would go get pizza and movie for the boys and have it for them when they got home. So we just hung out and laid low for the night. Somehow we started talking about breakfast and came up with the idea that we should go to Denny's before the boys went back to play golf this morning. We meet at Denny's at 6:15 this morning. Tim hates that I carry my camera around everywhere, but one day he will thank me!

Here is all of us after we finished breakfast!

Well the boys head out about 7:30 up to Pea Ridge and Leigh and I head out about 10:45! I'll post picture of them when I get back!

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