Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, today was a day of many projects. I really like arts and crafts but I have this slight problem. I do great coming up with these great ideas and well they never come to life. OR they only half way come to life. Since I am not doing much this summer I decided I am going to do these projects.

1. Bulletin Board (half way done)
2. Cross Painting (half way done)
3. Scrapbook ALL wedding events ( started)
4. Picture frames for bedroom
5. Redecorate the office
6. My Classroom
7. Paint a plate
8. Paint a painting for Alli and Bax

Today I started one of them. I am making a bulletin board out of an old picture frame, chicken wire, ribbon, and clothes pins. We'll see if I get it done by the end of the week. But, I did work on it today. Also, today I scrapbooked the honeymoon so that I can take it to the Family Reunion this weekend. Speaking of that I might need to find that scrapbook and see if it is up to date. Along the lines of projects the biggest one of the summer will be to get my room ready. I went up there today for about an hour and half and I left feeling like I got nothing done. They painted my walls today so I couldn't hang anything up but I did organize some of the cabinets and shelves. I plan to continue to work in it all summer.

Well, tomorrow is a full day as well, with a vet visit for Lucy, car tags for Ryan, and babysitting for me, then we are having friends over for dinner.

And go hogs! We are watching the baseball game.


Mom of 3! said...

Hey! I found your blog!!! And I started a new one of my own.... it is still in early stages but I'll get it all cute and fixed up soon! Ok.... I'm looking forward to backtracking and reading some of your past posts. Talk to you soon!!

Jen (Whit's sister)

Anonymous said...

I plan on making you a small gift for your classroom. Get excited!