Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night we ate with Tim and Leigh. Leigh made a fabulous tenderloin, green beans, sponge bob mac and cheese, and a salad. For dessert we got to go the snowcone shack!!! I loved it! We enjoy our weekly dinners with Tim and Leigh!!! Maybe next week we can go putt-putt!

I love snowcones! In case you couldn't already tell from my face!

The boys were not to into the picture taking and they told me I wouldn't put it up here but I did!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE a snowcone! Me and Blake actually tried to go yesterday but they were closed! Their machine had broke. There were like 5 other cars pulling in at the same time we did. They missed out on a lot of business. And I was sad...

Anonymous said...

haha! You should read this to your kids!