Monday, June 22, 2009

19 People and 6 Dogs! Family Reunion 2009!

The annual Family picture!
This year we are still growing at the Maulden Family Reunion! We added Ryan to the family officially this year and Lucy join the dogs. Also Rob's girlfriend came to join the fun on Saturday and we were so glad to have her! Once a year we all meet down at the Lake Catherine lake house in Jones Mill, Arkansas. We spend Friday afternoon getting everything unloaded and a few trips on the lake testing the waters. Friday night we had hamburgers and hot dogs provided by Uncle Ty and Sean. Saturday everyone gets up whenever and we play on the lake all day long. Lunch is provided by my Grandparents (G & G), it is always Corky's BBQ. So good, but I didn't not get to eat it because I was sick, so I ate saltine crackers. Blah! But who is surprised that Sarah was sick! Saturday afternoon we had a silly string war! Then a nice cruise on the boat and then an early dinner of leftovers. Sunday morning is always the big breakfast that the young adults cook up! It is also a challenge cooking about 3lbs. of bacon, 32 biscuits, 24 eggs, about 75 pigs in a blanket and the famous Maulden family chocolate gravy. Then Ryan and I packed up and headed back to Benton to eat Father's Day lunch with Ryan's dad and then on to Little Rock to see my mom. A long but fun family weekend!
Every year I make a scrapbook of the family reunion so I tend to have a million pictures of everything so bare with me as I share them.

POOR Ty! Uncle Ty had a bad start to his weekend. He bought a ski boat early last week and went to pick it up in Benton Friday morning. When he was picking it up Jenny ( a dog) was in the car and somehow manage to lock the car when it was still running. So Ty spent about an hour trying to figure out what to do about this since he couldn't get keys for about another 3 hours. But don't worry cause when he was talking to the dealership trying to get them to make him a key Jenny rolled down the window. Then he was able to get in the car. He gets all loaded and starts towards the lake when he looks in the side mirrors and noticed the snap down carpet in the boat wasn't snapped down and was flying all over the interstate. So he pulled over and get it back. It doesn't end there. He gets to the lake and gets the boat in the water and pulls up to the house and decides to look at the motor and well it is taking on water at an alarming rate. There was no plug in the boat. So Ty had to jump in the water and put the plug in the boat. Alright all is good with the boat so we thought and Ty goes to pick up the four wheeler. That night Ty took some of the fam out for a trip and on the way back in and the motor died. No more boat. Saturday during lunch the boat guy came out to try to fix it but no go. The boat was towed out of the lake :(!!!!!!!
Jenny. She is a really good dog despite her mishap on Friday.
Ryan and Lucy....Papa and Breck
Ryan fishing
Lauren and me watching everyone doing their own thing.
Grandad eating some homemade ice cream! My favorite!
Sarah H., Rob, and Lauren
Silly String war!

Lauren and Neil on the boat.

Thomas was old enough this year to drive the four-wheeler! He loved it!

Tracey, Lauren, Neil (no picture), Ryan, and Ty all jumped off the top of the other boat. I stayed in the boat with Lucy who whined the whole time cause she wasn't swimming.

Ryan and I on the boat
Ryan and I hanging out on the porch.

Ryan and my cuz Rob!

Ryan on the jet ski and Lucy swimming all over the lake!
Our first family photo!

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Lauren McKnight said...

LOVED how you described the weekend. Poor Ty. Hopefully the boat will be fixed so we can go to the lake this weekend. The pictures are great...don't forget to email them to me or put them on a cd and I'll pay you for it. Love you!