Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome Home and New Hair!!!

We came home yesterday to find our laundry room had 100 GREEN balloons in it!! I laughed so hard! I knew Tim and Leigh were up to something when they kept asking what time we would be home! Though I loved it!!! Thanks you all for taking care of everything while we were gone! You all are great friends and we love you!!!
I had to pull them out of the laundry room to take the picture!

When we got back we dropped Lucy off at the house and went straight to get my hair cut off! I was super excited! Here are the pictures to show the story! I cut about 6 inches off. The lady who cut my hair was more nervous than I was. She was afraid I was going to cry and regret it, but I don't!!!
My hair before.

And after!
I absolutely love it! Can you tell?


stevepvc said...

Welcome home! glad you guys had fun and are back safe! (and the hair looks cute!)

Lauren McKnight said...

Love love love the hair. And the Green balloons. Tim out-did himself. What a sweetie. Neil is jealous you ate at the Japanese place. It was totally booked up when we went. I'm glad yall had fun and glad you are home so I can quit being jealous! ;)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I bet you feel sooo much better!!! I still need to go do a re-style on mine... no time OR money... :-(

The Simpson's said...

I love your hair and your honeymoon pictures! I am so jealous!