Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honeymoon Day 3

Tuesday morning they brought us our honeymooner breakfast in bed. It was great. And a perfect day for it since it was Ryan’s birthday! We had cereal, eggs, omelets, toast, croissants, and bacon. It was so good. We then got on our swimsuits and head to the pool for the day! We laid there all day. We finally went back to the room to take our mid afternoon nap and get ready for dinner. We ate at the Japanese restaurant called Kimonos. We ate with a 3 other couples that were traveling together for fun and they were all so nice. Also there was another newlywed couple from Tennessee that ate with us. Come to find out they were the ones that were below us when we locked ourselves out of our room. We all had a blast together!

Ryan and I outside
The restaurant overlooked the ocean. The picture below you can see the restaurant from the main pool.

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