Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honeymoon Day 4

Ryan and I before we began our adventure

Wednesday morning we got up to go on our excursion. It was a ton of fun. the views we got to see were amazing. We went to a small market that over looked the harbor of the capital city Castries. We looked around and then we were on our way again. When we got back in the jeep our guide ask us a question were were to think about. The question was...Why are there so many bananas in St. Lucia? Everywhere you looked you could see at least one banana plant. Yes it is a plant not a tree. Also on our adventure we went to the rain forest. It was beautiful and it wasn't raining so we got to hike all through it. At the bottom was a pool of water from the waterfall further up in the Rain forest. where you could swim. So Ryan jumped in and swam for a while, I sat on the edge and watched. Our guide was awesome and gave us so much information about the whole island.

Ryan in the rainforest

Banana plants. They have blue bags over them to protect them from bugs and help them not to ripen so fast.
These are papayas growing on this tree.

Sarah driving through the rain forest.
One of the views. St. Lucia is very hilly!

Wednesday night we went over to the other resort to have dinner at Barefoot by the Sea. It was so good. We sat right at a table that was in the sand and was about 20ft from the ocean. It was gorgeous! Here are some pictures we took while we were over there!


Lauren McKnight said...

We LOVED Barefoot by the Sea. Ate there at least once day. Yummy!

MomApoo said...

Looks like someone named Sarita may have gotten a tad bit of a sunburn?