Sunday, May 31, 2009

Married: 1 Week 1 Day

Hello all,

A little guest appearance from the hubby! It's been a while since I have posted anything but I just wanted to let everyone who came to the wedding or had Sarah and I in mind on May 23, 2009: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! The first week has flown by.

Also, I just wanted to tell Sarah that she is the best wife (which I already knew she would be) that anyone in the world could wish for. And not to sound cliche, I love you more and more every passing second. Ya'll, this is only the first full day back to reality and she let me play 18 holes of golf at FCC with the guys!!

Babe - I LOVE YOU!!!



Lauren McKnight said...


Gina said...

Welcome back! Loved reading about your trip. We are celebrating our 29th anniversary today!


Anonymous said...

Aww you're so sweet, Ryan!

I'm glad to hear you all are doing great! I loved seeing all your honeymoon pictures! So fun!!!

The first month goes by really fast too! Crazy...