Monday, May 25, 2009

Honeymoon Day 2

Our towels that the James, Morris's, and McDaniel's gave us!

Monday we slept in and then went to breakfast at the pavilion. We found us some lounging chairs by the pool and lay out! They had mats you could get to lay out in the pool so Ryan and I did that for half the morning. Then we ate lunch and lay out a little more by the beach. About mid afternoon we walked around the resort getting all our days laid out. We made reservations for dinner, the spa, and our excursions. Then in was off to take a nap for the afternoon. For dinner we got dressed and went to Piton which was a restaurant with Eastern Caribbean cuisine. After dinner Ryan and I played a game of lawn chess. He beat me and he was so excited! Then we walked around the resort and took pictures. When we got back to the room our door would only open about 2 inches. We tried for about 5 minutes to get it open our selves then finally decided to let maintenance handle it. They handled it alright. After the maintenance tried to kick down our door for 5 minutes they decide to just climb onto our balcony and come in through the sliding glass door. He didn’t get a ladder like we would have thought he just stack a chair on top of a table and pulled himself on up there and let us in. Our bathroom door had opened all the way and the front door was pushing on it and not allowing it to open. Needless to say when I finally went to shut the glass doors there was a crowd below wondering if we were being killed. So we told the story from our balcony.

The pool area at dinner time.

Dinner at the Piton

Ryan and I staying looking over the ocean

Here is the big lawn chess board! It was really a lot of fun!

Every night they came by and turned down our bed!

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