Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Survey of the Damage

My house in the picture of above was taken in May with the beautiful, grass, flowers, and trees in the backyard. The picture below is my house in the winter with dead grass, no flowers, and well now no more trees can be seen. :(

Well, today Ali and I drove around and looked at the damage around town. It is really bad and lots of people are still without power. Here are the pictures around town.

Here is Old Main lawn. The pictures doesn't do it justice for all the trees that are down there. We drove all through campus and it was sad to see all the trees that have fallen. The University has now been close for 4 days.

We were pretty lucky to have only have lost the tops to, well all of our trees.
This is a picture from the Square. The tree had come out of the ground and fell on the news van.

The best part of the whole ice storm was discovered today. Ali and I went to Walgreen's to get some medicine and well be discovered this. And I think the pictures can tell the rest of the story.

Yeah, we have a lot of ice cream all because Walgreen's has no power!!! It was my lucky day!!!


MomApoo said...

Oh how I love our house in the springtime. And I love/ really really enjoy ice cream. Yes I do. And Amy. I really like her too.

The Browns said...

You don't know how much you will miss Blue Bell & Yarnell's until you move out of Arkansas! We live in Nevada now & they have nothing like it. I even e-mailed the people at Yarnell's & asked them if they could sell ice cream out here & this is what they wrote back:

"Thank you for contacting Yarnell’s Ice Cream Company. We are very happy to hear that you enjoy our products so much. We are in the process of expanding our business. But at this time it only includes the states that surround us. I will be sure to let the persons over the expansion know that we have fans in your area and maybe we will be there soon."

AHHHH! I guess I'll just have to get my fill when I fly home ;) I hope the weather gets better there soon.