Monday, January 19, 2009

Bachelor Update

Stephanie's 1 on 1:
  • One word: Trashy
  • I don't know about anyone else. But I heard your story once and I feel sorry for you. But please quit talking about it and focus on Jason. She talked about it a total of four times.
  • Did anyone else notice the belt she wore on the date- It was a coke bottle top belt.
  • She thinks she is 16...dress you age!
  • Why are you kissing him on the arm? Why did you daughter have on 4 different outfits? Why didn't he have 2 roses to give? Why didn't the daughter leave after way through so they could have some one on one time? Why is she even still here?

Group date:

  • This date was for a great cause but not for national TV.
  • There were girls rubbing themselves? Your on TV come on!
  • Why did Jason have his shirt off the whole time. I think ABC encouraged him to do so.
  • Melissa- You were having a good boob day? What is that and how do I have one? She became very open by the end of the date by telling J and the whole world that she has 28 FF boobs.
  • Naomi- tells the world she has lop side boobs
  • Nikki- She doesn't know how to act when she is nervous. But on the other hand she thinks she is pretty and smart. She is just a little to hard on herself.
  • Megan- Now that girls has some Double Dang boobs! But her idea for painting her breast mold was just weird!
  • Shannon- She had J rub her down. She is just socially awkward. When they were looking at their final products she practically jumps on J and hugs him for forever! Then there was a post interview of another girl commenting on how weird everyone thinks she is. I agree!
  • Jillian- Sweetheart, where are your boobs? Don't get nervous when you are talking and talk so fast. Yet, she was the one who got the group date rose!

Natalie's 1 on 1:

  • She wore hooker shoes on her date that looked like they were from the 90's
  • Beautiful necklace she was able to wear- Worth a Million dollars. J says she is rockin' the necklace. Allison's responses, " Who couldn't rock a million dollars?"
  • Don't show America you business when your sitting
  • The girls left the house are not big fans of her
  • WOW hands are getting a little to close!!! You just met.
  • J says he felt like a couple. Yeah in a fantasy world! Who wouldn't like to fly around Vegas and have million dollar jewelry on.
  • Consensus taken at my house is that she isn't mature enough to handle a child or being married. Wants to get everything out so she can settle down? Then why are you here.
  • She giggled the entire time.
  • J says, " He wanted to feel something for Natalie?" It wasn't happening, so J says.
  • Why did he pick up the rose if he wasn't going to give it to her. That was rude. Come one J I thought you knew better.
  • No rose because: not enough commonalities and she is still exploring herself.
  • After she was not chosen, she starts talking bad about people in the house still.. Then she got the jewelry taken away. Terrible end to the date.
  • Who wants to date her now after you have seen how she acts after you break up with her.
Rose Ceremony:
  • Noami-Pulled aside to see who the "bad" people in the house. Opened up to J tonight. Why are you talking about your ex? What's up with the girls this season doing that? But in the end she got her kiss. Do the editor's edit out their scenes because they seem pretty close but we never see that.
  • Nikki- Still being really awkward. Super Organized. That doesn't fly with children. Your going to have learn a new way of life. Well in the middle of the conservation they start making out! SOOOOO weird!!! ohh and ps HELLO BOOBS!
  • Erica- Talking herself up during the 1 on 1 time. "Jason are you looking at my boobs" says Erica. Why are they talking about her boobs?
  • Kari- Allison says, "She is the little puppy dog that no one wants." Why is she asking about Natalie's date. Makes out with her too! That is 3 tonight that they have shown
  • Shannon- Get a grip on her life! Throw up because someone might have bad mouthed you. She just wants attention to be drawn to her. Why are you crying during your 1 on 1 time. The only person who has gotten alone time. What are you talking about?--- Emotional all the way around! That is a good way to describe yourself. ---
  • Molly- Why don't you ever get 1 on 1 time!
  • Stephanie- Side note: I wore that dress she had on to Prom in 2004! How old is she! What is up with all the kisses all over the place? Get rid of all the the jewelry! Tacky!! Al says, "And she sounds like she has a smokers voice" yet she gets mad at me cause I do not like her what so ever!
  • Lauren- Why is she starts talking bad about Megan and Erica. Tells J that they are drama queen. Yet J thinks she is telling the truth. Frankly, I am glad he believes.
  • Megan- Wow cover up those boobs! Your son would be embarrassed! She would lose respect for anyone who tattled on anyone. Don't you do that Megan!
So much drama it is "clouding his head"
Here we go with the all out bash fest! Why on earth would Chris let them have time for a free time to talk, didn't he know it would turn bad? The main three that were the big talkers were Erica, Megan, and Lauren. Megan pretty much attacked Lauren. Shannon once again gets upset and left. Then the cameras put the door of the bathroom on the screen and listen to her throwing up noises on TV. How embarrassing. Well a least it ended the yelling at each other crap!

Roses go to!
  1. Stephanie
  2. Jillian
  3. Molly- safe choice cause she is on the outs with anyone-yet.
  4. Lauren- drama queen starter!
  5. Melissa- AWESOME CHOICE! no one bad mouths her
  6. Naomi- best friend in the house?
  7. Shannon- blah!
  8. Nikki- Awkward yet still got that rose.
9. Megan- ABC told J that he needed to keep her for good drama on the show. Keep those ratings up. That is the only reason he picked her.

No rose:
  1. Natalie- Very bitter ending.
  2. Erica- Left in pretty good spirits.
  3. Kari- Fell of the show but who hardly knew she was there.

Well now that I have finished this! Those who are reading this think I have no life! I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your comments on it all as well!


The Simpson's said...

I agree with most everything! Melissa is my FAVORITE!

Mare-Mare said...

You obviously have too much "free" time to be able to write that much about a TV show!!!!
see you Sunday!