Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reasons I LOVE My Roommate

Well I thought I would tell you about all the reasons I love my roommate!

1. She says "I drive into the city"
2. She says maysure for measure
3. We talked her into eating a dog treat! ( It was one someone cook for Nelson)
4. She has a beanie baby in her room!
5. Her guy life is well...always something to talk about.
6. She works out and tans on a regular basics and I envy her.
7. She always eats healthy...once again I envy her!
8. And finally..she says pop, for coke.

Needless to say she makes everyday wonderful and exciting!!!! I couldn't have imaged living this year with out her! She is so fun and makes me laugh everyday!!! I love you Amy!!!!!

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