Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Updates/Bachelor

Well over Christmas and these past few weeks we have made some head way with wedding plans.

  • We bought Ryan's ring and picked it up today
  • We have emailed the officiants and have an idea how the ceremony is going to go. Don't worry it is going to be short.
  • We talked with Brandon, who is singing in our wedding. He said everything was going well and that he is even going to make us a cd of the song so we can listen to it forever!
  • We almost have the honeymoon nailed down.
  • Ryan picked out his tuxes for himself and groomsmen.
  • We are getting closer to the rehearsal dinner plans being done.
  • We have several showers on our calendars. Thanks to everyone who is having one for us! We can't wait!
  • I scheduled my bridal portrait and all the appointments to go along with that day.
  • I now know how I am going to wear my hair the day of the wedding and had the lady practice.
  • We saw the proof the invitations and thank you's. I hope to order those before the end of next week.
  • Ordered the chairs for the reception
  • Pick out the songs for the band to sing.
  • Picked the menu for the reception, so come hungry.
  • We are working on finalizing the guest list- This is the hardest job of all!
  • We are scheduled to meet with the flower lady, Tanarah, next month to discuss details.
  • We are scheduled to go cake tasting next month as well. I am really excited about that!
Well that seems to wrap up all the wedding planning for now! It is a lot but it is fun!

Moving on the my love of TV. I watch SOOOOO many TV shows! I have a great love for Bachelor, American Idol, Law and Order: SVU, Biggest Loser, 24, Grey's, Private Practice, and the Bold and the Beautiful!
Well in my crazy life I have to find time to watch all these shows!

I thought I would give a recap of the Bachelor and our households thoughts on the women.
Natalie- We have decided that she is to jealous and needs to realize that other women are going to kiss Jason.
Shannon- WOW that girl is a stalker and to nosy. I would be freaked out if someone knew that much about me!
Erica- Now that girl is rude! At the rose ceremony she had boobs everywhere! They were having to blur them out!
Raquel- She got no rose. Maybe because she went and got in the limo after Jason's group date so that she could get some one on one time with him. She said something to this effect in the post interview of that scene. " If I were to die, I hope that he is so in love with me he could never remarry for a reallllllly long time." I mean come on!
Jillian- She was the girl who got the first one on one date with Jason! I seemed to like her but you didn't see much of her after the first part of the show.
Megan- She is just to uptight about everything!
Molly- Now there is a go getter! She fights for her time with Jason.
**** Side note! ABC quit zooming in on girls boobs!****
Nikki- She is the one who received the first impression rose! What ever happen to that one on one date? Though Jason said she is the "Mother figure of the house"
Naomi- We pretty much are neutral about her.
Sharon- That is one blah girl! She didn't get a rose! Go figure!
Cari- Who is that?
Stephanie- I feel for her. But I am not sure she is right for Jason. And I am tired of hearing her story.
Melissa- Now she is my favorite! Ok everyone's favorite! She had a great one on one date with Jason to the beach and then they got to ride in a blimp. She was a cheerleader and she wants to teach 1st grade! How can I not love her!
Overall- the show is great! I can't wait for Deanna to come back! I still like her even though she made a mistake last season! Maybe she can make it up!!!
Well there is my recap good... not good let me know!


Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

Hey Sarah... I found yall's blog thru Lindsey Dawson and Jennifer Francis... I also went to school with Ryan! Anyway... I love your blog and I love the rundown on the Bachelor. I really like Melissa too! I guess if I miss an episode I can count on you to give us updates!

Good Luck with all the planning!

Lauren McKnight said...

I totally agree with your rundown on the girls...and the boobs. I mean, come on! And I secretly want to marry Jason. I l-o-v-e him and his little boy! I can't wait for Deanna to come back either. I still can't believe she picked Jesse. Big mistake there, obviously. I'm anxiously awaiting her return!

I've got all your showers down in my planner and I should be able to come to all of them. Also, the day before your wedding, I'm taking off of work so I'll be there to get my toes/nails done and everything else. I for sure want my hair and makeup done too. I love doing that.

I gotta go get dressed for work. Blah! Talk to you later. Love you!

amyj said...

Did you just give a rundown of all the girls on the Bachelor? Impressive.