Monday, January 26, 2009

Fried Chicken!

Well as most of you know, I don't eat chicken! I don't like too look at raw chicken and I really don't like to smell of fried chicken. But something about being there when it is fried I can't smell it. Again as most of you know Ryan loves fried chicken! So Mary Alice came up last night to stay with us and teach me to fry some chicken. After all the messes that were made, I have learn to fry chicken!!
Here are the pictures to prove that I did it!!!


Cindy Williams said...

Did Mare really teach you how to fry chicken? And where are the pictures? I need the pictures to believe it...and you know she wants to see her picture on line!!! You are quite a woman...he has taught me many things, but not how to fry chicken. Now, here we sit in the waiting room of the hospital and she's teaching my sister how to fry chicken! Where's the love? Congrats on your are joining a SUPER family!

Mare-Mare said...

please take off the "David and Goliath" picture!!!!! You can put it back up next year when I am down 50+ pounds!