Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Weekend

Well, I am a few days late but, Happy Birthday  to my momma, Jennifer, and Timmy!
I hope you all had a great birthday! 

My momma came up this weekend to hang out with us, ok really Payne. I was so glad she was here because I was feeling under the weather and she took care of Payne. 

Payne has really been enjoying his play mat lately since he can roll around to all of the different toys. 

 We kept Ally and Dalton's dogs this weekend. They might be the cutest things I have ever seen! Payne loved them as well.
 Josh and Brody went to the Razorback basketball game with us on Saturday.
 Watching the game.
 He loves to hold any bottle he can get his hands on.
 Payne passed out turn the game...he had cheered to hard.
 Payne loved riding on his daddy's shoulder, though momma was a little nervous. 

Monday was a really crazy for us as well. I have not complete taught a weeks worth of lessons in three weeks, so I had to finish planning for the week before I left as well as planning for next week. I made all my copies, graded papers like a mad women, filed papers, stuffed folders, and wrote progress reports! I feel like I had successful day! On top of all of that, Payne started a new daycare this week. We decided to pull him out and move him. I think I am going to be that mom that is never fully satisfied. Well, see how this one goes.

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