Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day #3 and Bored!

Well, I have now been home for three days and I don't even want to think about tomorrow! Yesterday the boys went to work and Ally and I hung out all day. After everyone got off work they came over to eat dinner. By the end of the night we had run out of things to do, which lead to photo shoots! 

The girls piled on the couch to watch tv and look at wedding pictures. We never really got a good picture from laughing at Ryan taking our picture. 

Ally told Dalton that he didn't need new ski gear since he would wear it about as much as she would wear her wedding dress. Which in return lead to this....
Then they started to reenact some wedding photos.  

 Are you laughing yet!! We laughed so hard!!!! It was so fun! It made me want to put my dress on too!

Maybe, just maybe I will get to go work tomorrow. For now I am at home by myself today. I have cleaned Payne's closet out and now I am getting ready to host a baby shower on Sunday. 
Stay warm!!!

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