Thursday, February 17, 2011


We flew to Telluride yesterday afternoon. 
Ryan and I
The view from the plane was awesome! 
The flight was great until we were about 20 minutes from landing, then it started to get a little rough. OK really rough. You can see by the pictures and how the blurry they are that I couldn't hold the camera still.  When we were landing the plane kept saying,"Pull up, pull up, pull up!" We all were very scared, but the pilot land us with no problems. He said that the pull up thing was because we dropped so fast into the runway.
After landing, we decided to rename the airport to Tohellufly.

Last night after we got unloaded we went into town and ate some pizza at Brown Dog. It was really good.
Here is the few from our condo. 
Our condo is awesome. 
This morning we went skiing.We started on greens and after lunch we moved on to blue.  Everyone did really good skiing and not to many falls.

The girls at lunch.
All my ski gear is black so they call me ninja. I was doing my ninja moves. 
We stopped on the mountain for a snack. It was awesome to sit and look at all the beautiful mountains around us.  

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