Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We have now been out of school for 2 days. Since December 17 I have now only worked 17 days! So, that pretty much means I will have no summer!! We are on our 5th snow day in January and it isn't looking very good for us going tomorrow. Heather, Adam, Ally, and Dalton came over to hang out with us. We played Nertz and just hung out and talked. We always enjoy getting to sit around with our friends for hours! 

 Payne had a great time playing with everyone!
 We all sat around on the computers all day.
 Wrestled a little bit.
 The dogs didn't really like the snow very much, they all went to the bathroom on the deck!
 Payne had green beans the past two nights.  He like them as long as they are mixed in with rice cereal.
 Heather and Max had matching coats!!
All the boys and Heather had to work today, so Ally and I ran errands and cooked all day! Ok, really she cooked and I talked to her!

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