Monday, February 21, 2011

Home from Telluride!

I just wanted you to get a feel for what we were landing on. You can see that the runway is really on the side of a mountain! We ended up not flying back out of there due to weather.

On Monday the boys decided to try out a double blue! You can be the judge of how it went!

 The six of us after we ate at Diggity Dogs! It was to die for!
 This place was beautiful!!!
 The view from the top! 

 It was so windy and snow was hitting our face hard! The ski patrol guy said it was a free facial! 
Me and my snowbunny!!

We finally made it to the bottom! It was one of the scariest runs I have ever been on.

The girls before we went shopping! 
 We love each other!
 The boys playing on the computers!
We had such a fun time! I hope we can make it a tradition to go a trip with these fun people!! 

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