Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bedding Options!

We have two options to choose from. There will still be a few adjustments and these are not all final, but they are for sure a huge start!
The stripes will be the bed skirt, the dots will be the bumper ties and crib sheet, and the white (which has a pattern in it) will be the bumper with a blue cording. I'm thinking about changing the cording to something a little more funky. With this option we would be paint all the walls the aqua color and the ceiling lime green. I'm really leaning towards this idea! I would do my glider in a brown or lime green simple fabric with a funky pillow.

The second option. The stripes would be the bed skirt and bumper ties. The orange and green would be the bumper. One color on each side with the cording being the blue zigzag. The crib sheet would be the polka dots. I don't know about this one! I just can't decide.
When the sweet sweet girl said she would draw it up for me I was thinking she would just list where each fabric went. Nope, she drew a picture for me! I was so impressed! I can't tell you all how thankful I was for this sweet girl who was helping me! She made me feel like it could actually happen!

Tell me what you think about each options and feel free to give me more ideas!


Rachael Wright Jones said...

So cute!!! I love this stuff!
I think I like the first one better... It seems more boy-ish. The second is really cute too but it is a lot of color... I love the stripe one though! But yeah- the first option is my vote.

Lindsey said...

looks like your planning at the speed of light! Loving the updates.

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