Tuesday, April 13, 2010

21 weeks

I have learned a lot this week. To start off leg cramps. I spend two hours at the doctor Monday for them to tell me nothing. They thought it could have been blood clots because my leg was swollen, but nothing. Then today I learned you can't carry heavy boxes in front of you. The belly kind of got in my way. To add to that I also learned over the weekend that your abs muscles disappear while your pregnant. Not to say that mine were oh so great, but maybe little ones.

In other news I have gained three pounds. I am not sure how that is all. All I do is eat and eat and eat. I'm not complaining about those thee pounds, but I for sure thought it was more. I decided today I'm done wearing jeans. They don't stay up anyways.

I painted some paint samples on the wall this week. I like the green for the ceiling, but the blues were not what I has in mind. I'll keep trying. We didn't get the glider order because we redid the flower bed instead. Maybe here in a few weeks we can get up there to do so. We are ordering the bedding Saturday morning. I'm so excited. It will probably take a lifetime to come in.

I have enjoyed feeling him kick a ton this week. Our big news for the week is that last Tuesday night Ryan felt him kick for the first time. He loved it. Now everytime he starts his kicking I make Ryan feel it. Also, we got a DVD of the ultrasound last Friday and I love watching it over and over.

Well that is all I got this week. We are at the golf course so I typed on my phone. So I am sorry for any mistakes. Also, i put up the picture when I get home tonight.

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