Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Thursday was my 24th birthday! I had just a great past few days I just wanted to share with you all! I got many wonderful cards and presents from family, friends, and my students.

I started my day by being sung Happy Birthday over and over from my kids. Then my wonderful co-teacher, Lina, brought Rick's cookies for the whole grade! They even had polka-a-dots on them!

That afternoon Allison and Baxter sent me these beautiful flowers.

Then my mom sent my class cupcakes and chocolate cover strawberries for me. They were so yummy and my class thought it was great! We ate them on Friday afternoon because we had enough sugar that day! So, they sang to me again and gave me presents! They were all polka-a-dotted themed. I got a clip board and note pad, sticky notes, magnets, and a small notepad! Thanks!

That night Ryan, Heather, Adam and I went to Red Robin to eat dinner. Ryan brought me an ice cream cake!! OHHHH MYYY! So good!! I didn't get a picture until we got home so it was half eaten.

On Friday since Ryan and I were still a little under the weather and had a long week, we laid low at the house. Then Saturday, Ryan let me do whatever I wanted. We went to watch my 3rd grade boys play basketball, went to Wal-Mart, then to watch my 3rd grade girls play basketball all before lunch. Then we came home for lunch and Josh and Jennifer brought me chocolate chip cookies! Homemade might I add and they were SO good too! Thanks you all! That afternoon Ryan and I went fabric shopping for Payne's bedding. We got a few fabric samples. I will share them with you later. Then we came home and moved the guest bedroom to the office so that we can REALLY start planning Payne's room. I was so happy he wanted to help me move the furniture.

Thanks again for everything over the week and all the birthday wishes!!