Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Room Ideas

We decided that we want to go with dark brown furniture. We would just get the crib and the changing table/dresser. Then we also want a book shelf for his toys and books. I want to get the convertible furniture so that he can have it for many years. Now, the key will be to make sure that is stays nice for that long. Ryan's big input so far as been that he wants the back of the crib to be a straight back and that the bottom of the crib to be off the ground a little.

We think that whatever fabric pattern we go with we want to paint one wall in that pattern. For bedding I know we are going to do the bumper in the brown minky dots with the trim in the pattern fabric we choose. I want the blanket and the bed skirt to be in the pattern and a solid crib sheet.
Here are some of the fabrics we have seen so far.
For the bumper and the back of the blanket.

This is not a very good picture. It is brown and kind a mix between sage green and lime green. I like it but I think it might be a little dark and boring. I like this one, but not my favorite.

I really like this one, but I am concerned that it doesn't have brown. ???This is my favorite! I really like it and think it looks just like a baby boy! P.S. Ryan picked it out!

Then for the rocker/glider
I want a big chair with an ottoman. I want to do this is a solid brown fabric with a little texture and a really cute pillow. I think if I did it in a fabric that it can be for a boy or girl I can use it for the next baby and keep it for a long time.

For the art work in the room I have only thought about one thing. I want to get a frame built and have it painted brown and then get a canvas made that says "We'll love you through the good, the bad, the sunshine, or the rain" I love that saying and I want him to always know that is true!

I think I want so much brown that the room will be dark so I am thinking a brighter color on the walls.

Any other ideas to throw into the mix?


Jennifer said...

Cute ideas!
What if you do one of the shades of green on the wall. The furniture would really stand out and so would the chair.
Maybe Ryan and Josh can have a paint party and paint both nurseries. Would could just supervise!:)

Jennifer said...

I meant to say we not would.

The Hudspeth's said...

Hey Sarah, I like the idea of painting one wall the pattern of the fabric. I do like the bright stripes, but that harlequin diamond pattern would be precious on the wall. My sister's little girl has harlequin diamonds on the wall that her bed is on and it is super cute. And about the frame... my sister's BIL and SIL make awesome frames. They live in Springdale and am pretty sure they go to church with ya'll. They made one for Bennett's nursery and it is beautiful (there is a pic on my blog). Sorry to leave such a long comment... I love nurseries... I'm sure yours will be adorable. By the way I'm Christa and my sister is Anna, we know Ryan and his family :)

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

We LOVE our Best Storytime Series rocker. It is pricey but we have gotten our money out of it as Lilly loves to be rocked and read to in it. Cute nursery ideas!! I like Jennifer's idea of green on the wall. I am trying to decide on wall colors for Reid and Lilly's room in the new house too. We can discuss ideas next week!!!

Rachael Wright Jones said...

Ahhh!!! SO fun! I really like that last striped fabric the best too. Good job, Ryan! I know you're just chopping at the bit to get started! Love you!

Jill said...

I like the last fabric. Also, when we were deciding on furniture. We actually bought a lazy boy rocker and it has been the best thing since maybe even sliced bread. My husband can get comfy in it. When the babies get old enough we can put it in our bedroom or even our family room.

Good luck and it was nice to stumble onto your blog tonight!