Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend In LR

This past Thursday Payne and I went down to LR to see someone of my high school girlfriends! We got down there Thursday afternoon in time to meet Luke, one of friends that used to live in Fayetteville, for some ice cream. Payne loves Luke and loved getting to play with him.

Then Friday morning Emilee and Kelley and I (plus P) went shopping. We then brought the unhappy shopper back to my mom to play and nap for the afternoon. 
My mom had gotten P some new toys. To say he was excited was an understatment! He play and played!

We dropped Kelley off as well and picked up Abby and baby Knox to go to lunch and get pedicures.
 After pedicures we went shopping some more where Kelley came back to meet us and we then went to dinner at Larry's. Abby's husband Justin and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came too! After dinner we all went home and I changed clothes and head over to hang out with Al and Bax for a while. By the end of the day I was exhausted!

Saturday was my dad's birthday. We went to my grandparents to have breakfast and then over to my dad's to play and eat lunch. Payne got to play with my youngest cousins 10 and 12 while at my grandparents. He loves them and they love him. They played dress up!
Payne did great driving both ways. He slept most of the time! We had a great weekend with everyone, but we were happy to get home and see daddy though!

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