Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Shoes, No Shirt.....


I am told often that my child is rarely ever fully dressed. He doesn't really like shoes. We have been known to go places without shoes (they are always in the bag) because he just takes them off! He hates tennis shoes because his feet get so hot, so it is always flip flops. We don't leave the house without shirts or shorts I promise that, but around the house it is rare. I think what happens is when I change his diaper in the morning I normally take is pj bottoms off. Then after breakfast the shirt comes off too. Then if we are staying home, no clothes go on.

Sometimes he will go get some shorts on his own and put them on. Normally it is the same pair he chooses, but on this day he chose his swimsuit.
And 99% of the time, if he is eating at home he is stripped down to the diaper. 
Look on this positive side of things. It is WAY less laundry!

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