Friday, June 15, 2012

Kansas City Part 3

 Tuesday we went to the Zoo. Payne loves animals. It is safe to say that turtles, birds, elephants, and giraffes were his favorite.

Of course, Payne would say "Hey" and wave at all the animals.

 When we got to the girafees they had a little snack bar so we decided to eat lunch there. Payne mostly just ran around and yelled at the giraffes.
Wednesday we went to the water park. They had a great area for kids. Payne isn't much for water splashing in his face so he would just run around the water and play at the top of the slides. He would go down if you went with him.

Thursday we packed up and went to play putt putt before heading home. Payne loved riding on the luggage cart! He thought that was great! 

We loved Kansas City! I can't wait to take Payne back! Thanks Papa for such a fun week!

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