Wednesday, June 20, 2012

22 Months

Weigh 28 pounds.
You wear a size 4-5 diaper.
Your shoe size is a 6.
Your wearing 2T shirts, but 12-18 shorts. 
You LOVE to help with everything! You love to help water the plans, put up the laundry, cook, and much more.
You have started talking a lot in sentences. 
You started sleeping in your big boy bed and have done really well.
You love to ask "What's this"
You still can't really say "Thanks". It comes out "anks".
You love to read and look a flash cards.
You love trucks. You wave hello and goodbye to all of them. If it is red, then it is a fire truck. If it is yellow, it is a dump truck.
You haven't been sitting on the potty as much this past month. We have been on the go lot and had lots of people here. 
We went to your 2nd Family Reunion.
We went to Kansas City this month and you stayed in a hotel for the first time. You didn't sleep well.
You spend several days with Dee-Dot, Big R, and Aunt Al in Benton.

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