Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kansas City Part 1

 Papa took us to Kansas City last week. We had some much fun exploring the city and doing lots of fun things. The first night we got there we figured we would drive around and get our bearings. Well, two hours later we were starving and couldn't find a place we wanted to eat. This was Payne's first experience staying in a hotel. He didn't really like the pack-n-play, therefore ended up sleeping with us. Needless, to say we didn't sleep much. That didn't hold him back for the next day. We went to Sea Life. It has been open less than two months, so the line to get in was really long. I thought it would be packed on the inside, but it wasn't. We all really liked it. Payne was in and out of the stroller all day. Sorry for the picture over load!!

 In this area you could hold star fish and sea urchins. I held a star fish, but it was creepy to me!

 They had lots of places you could go under and look around in a 360 view.

 Payne would always want us to "come on" and see. Then we would try to move on he would throw a fit till we got to the next part.
 He loved standing right up against the glass. He would tell all the fish "HEY" and wave at them.
 They had a little walk through tunnel for kids. This was Payne's favorite part! We stayed there for about 30 minutes and he just ran in and out talking to the fish!

 Underwater looking at sting rays and eels.

After Sea Life, we walked across the street to the Crayola Cafe. It was fun and the had a store Payne played in afterward. 

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