Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Last weekend we decided that we were going to change Payne's bed to a big boy bed. We decided to do this at the beginning of the summer, so we could work out all the kinks before I went back to work in August. Payne has always been a great sleeper, so I wasn't too worried. He absolutely loves being able to get in and out of bed by himself. He has done really well sleeping in it. He cries for a minute or so at the door, but then goes back to bed and lays down and falls asleep.The only problem is as soon as he wakes up he gets up. Before he would cry for a moment in his crib and then go back to sleep. Not any more!

 Last time in a baby bed. Sad...
 He got in and we told him to lay down. This is what he did.
 So proud of himself for getting in alone.
He loves it! He gets his books out and gets in bed and reads for a while.

I can't believe he is so big!!

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