Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Food for a 1 Year Old

I have been trying to try new things with Payne. He will eat whatever you give him off of your plate. He doesn't think twice about it. He will stick his hands in your bag of chips or stand next to you with his mouth open for a bite.  But, if you tried to give him the same thing at a different time and your weren't eating it. Well, no go for him.  
So, we are starting with breakfast foods because well, I guess because it is the first meal of the day.  We started giving him muffins, cheerios, and oatmeal these past two weeks. He loves them both.  The oatmeal is easy and I just feed it to him, so it is an easy clean up. Now muffins on the other hand......well, I hope you have some time to clean up.  But, he thinks they are great so whatever!!! I love to watch him! I normally tear it into pieces for him, but I did give him a whole one the other day and he picked it apart and picked up the whole thing. 
He is just so stinking cute I couldn't not take pictures!! 

What do you feed you 1 year old?


Karen said...

1 year olds can pretty much eat whatever you are eating, just in smaller pieces. There are some obvious things (spicy foods, tougher foods, etc)to avoid, but just have him test it out. He can have cheeses, steamed veggies, fruits, sandwiches (cheese, grilled cheese, ham, turkey), chicken, meatloaf, pasta. He can have it all! Good luck!

Trumbo Family said...

Anything besides peanut butter I think!! Oh, and nuts and shellfish.

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Love those blue eyes!