Friday, August 5, 2011

Water Baby!

We went to the pool with Ryan one day after work last week. Payne loves the pool, but hates the bath tub! We played in the baby pool for a while, but he kept wanting to climb out and then "jump"/crawl back in. 

So, we took him over to the big pool! He loved it! We would set him on the side and he would scoot off the edge and start kicking as we helped him.  Every now and then he would move his arm. I think he might just love to swim! 

After we were done swimming we got out to have a snack.
Payne's poor little feet were so wrinkled. He ate and played in a cup of water, which he thought was so fun!
Look at those three teeth! I am sad summer is almost over for me! I hope to get in a few more pool trips before the pool closes!

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