Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Payne has been doing..

Payne is growing and changing so much everyday. 

Lucy is now inside because it is so cold outside. Payne likes to pet her and she likes for P to pet her.  
Last Friday he rolled over for the first time. He has done it several times. I videoed it so I will upload it later.
He smiles real big when he does. 
Saturday he sat up gorilla style by himself. He has been so happy lately even though we drag him everywhere with us. 

We spent 7 hours at the church on Saturday helping getting ready for Sunday. P took a nap in the floor by the stage. He didn't seem to mind. 
He has also learned to feed himself.  This is a very messy feeding, but so fun to watch how proud he is of himself when he gets the spoon in his mouth. 

We spend at least 30 minutes every afternoon together playing in the floor.

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Anonymous said...

What a big, smart, sweet, happy, and loving boy! WE LOVE YOU, PAYNE!! D. and Big R