Sunday, January 16, 2011

CrossChurch Fayetteville

I can't believe this summer we began praying if we would make the move to the Fayetteville campus and today we helped open the new campus.
They ask for 200 core members to be  apart of the opening and we opened today just close to 300 core members including students and children.
The vision was to at least double our numbers on opening day. Which I thought was impossible!
Last Sunday we canvased the city and hung fliers on 20,000 houses.

One of my favorite questions of the day. 
Someone ask me this morning, "When do you think you'll will out grow this building?" My answer was simple, "I hope today!"

Today we opened the doors and we were SHOCKED with how many people joined us!

The final count today was

We had people, students, and children everywhere! It was so amazing!
We had set up an overflow room, which overflowed into the lobby and there were 170 people in the lobby at the 10:55 service!

Some other numbers of the day were 14 were saved, 7 baptized, and 27 joined the church.
God is good!!!

 We are praying for each person in Fayetteville to know Christ.
Here are a few pictures from today.

 Our family before we left his morning
Me, Ally, and Heather. We all worked with children this morning.
 Adam and Dalton also helped with children.
 Ryan and Jordan did an awesome job greeting this morning.
 The 9:15 service about to start! Look at all those people!!!
 Hudson and Payne in the nursery. Hud couldn't figure out how to get to Payne. 
  We got this coins today to help us remember this special day and the celebrate of officially changing our church name to CrossChurch.

We would love to have you join us on Sunday at 9:15 or 10:55!


Debbie said...

We are so thankful God called you to be a part of CCFay and that in obedience you have stepped out to be a part of an awesome church. We can't wait to join you soon. How did Payne's first day in the nursery go? Looks like he has a buddy! D.

Julee said...

Sad I didn't get to see you this morning! We saw Ryan but there were just so many people at the 10:55 service and we barely got a seat inside! It was awesome! Maybe I will see you next week!

Jen said...

That is really awesome! God is definitely so good!!