Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas at Papa and Teme's

 Our last Christmas!
We went to Papa and Teme's on Monday morning. We had breakfast and then opened gifts.
 Payne loves to stare at his feet! He pulls his socks off and holds his feet.
 He loved Breck.

 Our little family

Then we got home and this is what our house looked like!  It took us forever to get it cleaned up. 
Since I was off all week and so was Ryan, we reorganized our whole house! We got rid of 7 trash bags of clothes and two giant bags of trash!  I feel like my house just grew, especially my closet! 

Ryan and I have challenged each other to wear all of our long sleeve shirts before we wash them! We will see how it goes! If you don't wear it, it has to go!

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