Saturday, December 18, 2010

WOW! Milestones!

Well, I haven't blogged in the past week because we can't get any new pictures to upload and well what is a post without pictures of the little man. Though, I have realized we have had a lot of milestones at our house lately and I need to write them down for our family. We have also decided to purchase more storage space, so that our family can still see our baby everyday and we can always have these memories!

So here we go!

Last Sunday night we start feeding Payne rice cereal at night.  We decided to try the spoon method first and see if he would take it that way before we put it in a bottle.  He didn't like it the first night, but the second night we thickened it up a little more (like applesauce) and he loves it.  We just sit him in his bumbo to eat it.  He eats about 1 1/2 tablespoons of rice cereal and a 6oz bottle before he goes to bed each night.

Over the past week or so Payne has completely started to hold his head up without getting tired. We are working on sitting up.  He does really well with a little help. He can now roll over on his side from his back. So, I am guessing any day now I will have a baby that can roll. Eeekkk! 

I noticed Thursday night that someone was really reaching for his feet. By this morning all he could play with were his feet.  I love this stage!

We just finished our last round of babysitters this past week. My grandparents were here. The week before that was my Aunt Kris, 2 younger cousins Charlotte and Olivia, and my Grandmommy for the first half of the week. Then Mary Alice came the last half.  We were so blessed that our little boy was able to spend so much time with family and allow us to save for daycare (which we start in January). 

Hopefully I will have the picture thing worked out by Monday and I can show you pictures of everything.  
I'm officially on Christmas Break!!

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