Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Acumen Holdings Christmas Party

 Ryan's office party was the the Blessings Golf Course this year. It was a lot of fun!! We enjoyed getting to hang out with some friends outside of the work environment.
Ryan and I after the delicious dinner

 Heather, me, and Ally
Me, Renee, and Amy
 Ryan, Dalton, and Adam
 Our group!
Employee of the year! We are so proud of you!!!
 The Fite's! AKA the best neighbors ever!
Giving out the "Snap Awards"
 We played a game with gift cards. Renee read a story and when it said right, you passed your gift card right and then it said left, you passed it left. At the end the employees played a game similar to Dirty Santa. The end result was great. 
You could choose to trade your gift card in for one of the three grab bags. The grab bag either had: A Stone Mill punch card, a $5.00 gift card, or a $100 gift card anywhere.

 When they opened Dalton had the $100 gift card, Cathy had the Stone Mill card, and Adam had the Scrubshopper. Cathy got all the gift cards that were traded in for the grab bags, so she got $30 in gift cards. Then Adam had a chance to steal the $100 card from Dalton, which he did!

 What Adam didn't know was that Scrubshopper had one thing for sale for $5. 
Haha! It was great and everyone laughed! The boys were great! 

Overall, it was a great night!

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